General questions


What is a cosmeceutical product?

It is a skincare product developed by scientists with advanced active ingredients tried and tested in aesthetic dermatology. It penetrates the skin better, active ingredients revive the cell renewal and the results are visible faster.

Recommended by doctors, cosmeceuticals are available in pharmacies and medical centers.

The Eneomey dynamic cosmetology program is based on : a revitalizing treatment in the morning with Vitamin C and an exfoliating treatment in the evening with Glycolic Acid. With the combination of these two actions, cell renewal is stimulated.


Where are the ENEOMEY products manufactured?

The ENEOMEY products are formulated and manufactured in France. We promote French expertise to obtain products at the cutting edge of the requirement.


Where can I buy ENEOMEY products?

Eneomey’s range is available in pharmacies and medical centers. To find a store, click on « Where to find us ? » or contact us by phone +33 (0)4 93 32 56 66 or by email


Are ENEOMEY products cruelty-free?

European regulations prohibit the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. In compliance with these regulations and the animals, Laboratoire Eneomey has new alternative methods of assessing safety without resorting to the animal.

All products of Laboratoire Eneomey are thus developed and tested under dermatological control in respect of human health.


Can ENEOMEY products be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

There are very specific tests to prove that a product will have no impact on a pregnant woman. These tests have not been done for Eneomey products. We therefore recommend asking advice from your doctor.

Meanwhile, the sunscreen does not present particular risks on pregnant women and can be used during pregnancy to avoid hyperpigmentation and masks pregnancy.



Can I use ENEOMEY products during the summer?

The sun is one of the first causes of photoaging. It is important to protect yourself throughout the year to prevent skin aging.

Eneomey treatments are exfoliating, they remove stained dead cells and restore radiance to dull complexions. They help to homogenize the complexion, reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Combining them with a solar SPF 50+ thus guarantees a radiant complexion and a complete anti-aging protection throughout the year.

We recommend using Sunlight Screen 50+ and it is necessary to renew the applications every two hours  during the day.


From which age can I start using ENEOMEY products?

The Eneomey Cosmetology dynamic range offers treatments that fight against skin aging. It is advisable to act on prevention until tou are 25, that is the age where cell renewal begins to slow down. Eneomey’s range offers a wide selection of products suitable for all skin types and offers graded concentrations of active ingredients to be effective on the less youthful skin.

Eneomey has developed a range for the treatment of acne and seborrheic skins: Purify Cleanser, Purify Gel and Purify Masque 10. They are specially formulated to regulate sebaceous secretions, refine skin texture and purify oily skin. These products are prescribed by dermatologists to treat acne from adolescence.


When I apply my skincare, I feel a tingling sensation. Is this normal?

Eneomey skincare formulation is based of fruit acids (AHAs), especially glycolic acid. When the skin is not accustomed to this, it is common to feel tingling sensation due to exfoliation and penetration of active ingredients. In this case, you can space applications in early treatment and gradually return the frequency of use that we recommend.


When do we see the results of Eneomey’s program?

The Eneomey skincare products act quickly on the places you want to treat. After a few days you will feel and see an improvement in the quality of your skin. Your skin texture is refined. Then, after a few weeks of use, the expected results will be visible.


Can I use ENEOMEY products on eye contour?

Exfoliating products based on fruit acid are not recommended for eye contour. This area is thin and sensitive, it is recommended to apply softer and moisturizing treatments such as the REJUV range and Daylight C20. Their fluid texture allows a pleasant application and rapid penetration on eye contour.